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What are my rural internet options?

Many kiwis I talk to aren’t aware of all the internet connectivity options available to them and until I started working in telecommunications, I didn’t fully understand either. The good news is that what you need to know to choose the best connection type for your property is actually quite str...

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Conserving our Waikato River

Respecting the Waikato and Bay of Plenty land that our Rural Network spans across is important to us. We believe it’s our duty to support land conservation initiatives. This August, Lightwire has donated $1,000 to Waikato RiverCare’s Te Onetea Stream Extension Project. This is a great initi...

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Lightwire innovation for extending connectivity to multiple properties

Connecting multiple properties by extending wireless rural broadband coverage is something Lightwire is well known for in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions. We've always risen to the challenge of connecting rural properties and farms in tricky locations. No two farms are the same and so rathe...

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Site upgrades and new technologies improve internet speeds

We have been working hard on exciting new initiatives to continuously improve the performance of our rural network and provide internet connectivity that exceeds customer expectations. These initiatives fall into two main groups: (1) upgrading and/or optimising the performance of sites, and (2) d...

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Ingenuity to build Hamilton City’s Traffic Lights Network

In collaboration with the Hamilton City Council’s Infrastructure Alliance and Ultrafast Fibre, Lightwire has successfully built a complex, private network that connects all 104 traffic light sites across Hamilton City and the wider Waipa District. The network enables the Infrastructure Alliance...

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