Hamilton Radiology

Lightwire enables high speed radiology network for Hamilton business

When Hamilton Radiology needed faster internet and improved security, they turned to Lightwire for a solution. Lightwire was tasked with redesigning the network through a combination of Ultrafast broadband and improved security. Cost savings were also sought in the redesign which was enabled as part of the Government’s subsidised fibre rollout.

The background

Each day, up to 80 staff and hundreds of doctors use Hamilton Radiology’s services. Ultrasound images, x-rays and CT scans are uploaded to the private radiology practice’s database and patient reports are sent to medical personnel around the region. This same day service requires a fast, reliable internet connection.

The problem

Administering hundreds of medical scans for patients across the greater Waikato and Bay of Plenty, the team at Hamilton Radiology needed a fast, reliable internet connection. But that was exactly what they didn’t have.

Willem Delport, IT Manager at Hamilton Radiology, said the current system was very slow, not always that reliable, and extremely expensive. “The biggest issue was speed. As soon as any medical images are taken in one of our branches, they are sent to our head office in Thackeray Street. All of the images have very different content so range in file size. From these images, reports are compiled and sent to doctors, all on the same day.”

To ensure the best service for patients, doctors need to be able to receive these images and reports quickly. That required a high speed internet connection. Dealing with patient records and medical files, the connection also needed to be secure.

The solution

When it came time to find an internet company that could deliver the Hamilton Radiology team with a new and improved service, a number of providers were considered, but Lightwire stood out. Not only were they able to install a high speed network, they could do so at a reasonable cost.

Sean Williams, Head of Service at Lightwire, explains what the team did. “Lightwire provided a Managed IP WAN to Hamilton Radiology’s nine clinics across the Waikato. A fibre network was provisioned to each site with Gig access to key sites. This enabled Hamilton Radiology staff to send and receive data at a much faster rate, which in the context of medical use can be life-saving.”

The result

Willem and the team noticed an immediate improvement after Lightwire had installed the new network. “We provide the quickest turnaround of reports here in Hamilton and the high speed network we now have ensures we can continue to do this. We can only provide quality service to our patients if our suppliers provide us with quality service and Lightwire plays a major role in that,” says Willem. “Their customer service has been outstanding.”