Regal Group

Lightwire keeps Regal Group trucking along with ultrafast broadband solution

When Tamahere-based Regal Group needed cost-effective but reliable internet to connect their disparate team, Lightwire got into gear and delivered them a connection they could trust. Now the 130+ drivers can communicate with the Waikato dispatch team, whenever they’re out on the road.

The background

Regal Group is a family owned and operated bulk haulage and logistical solutions company. Its headquarters are in Tamahere, on the outskirts of Hamilton, but the company’s 170 employees are spread out around the country at depots in Whangarei, Mount Maunganui and New Plymouth, and at Rolleston and Timaru in the South Island. Of the 170 staff, Regal has a team of 130 truck drivers who, collectively, cover 11 million kilometres every year.

The problem

Although only a 10minute drive to the centre of Hamilton, Regal Group’s headquarters are semi-rural. This has made it difficult for the company to access fast, reliable broadband. The company had previously been working with a copper solution, but this meant slow access speeds and difficulty undertaking essential tasks such as transferring job data to and from trucks.

In addition, the company’s planned transfer to a cloud-based infrastructure and a 3CX phone solution dictated the need for a higher capacity, faster and more reliable internet solution.

Ian Palmer, Chief Operating Office at Regal, says the company’s internet service had been a point of frustration for a while. “As a company, Regal has experienced significant growth over the past five years and that is set to continue. Therefore, we needed to be able to operate for and respond to our clients’ needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Slow internet didn’t allow us to do that and when time is of the essence as it is in our industry, that was causing issues.”

The solution

As specialists in rural internet connectivity, Lightwire was able to provide Regal Group with a cost effective, ultra-fast broadband solution.
Sean Williams, Head of Service at Lightwire, says: “We were pleased to be able to solve this connectivity challenge for Regal. Whilst Lightwire are smaller than some other ISPs, we have a very knowledgeable and agile team that can think outside the box for these solutions.”

The result

Regal Group now has a fast, reliable internet service which ensures staff both in the office and out on the road are connected at all times.

“It’s made a big difference to our team and also to the logistical solutions we provide to our clients,” says Ian. “Real-time technology is a big part of our operations and being able to use that technology via an ultrafast broadband network is proving very beneficial.”