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That’s right, pay for 120GB and we will give you 200GB. Pay for 200GB and we will give you 400GB!
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Please don’t be disheartened if you are not yet in coverage. We are constantly adding to our tower network and are always on the lookout for new sites. By registering your interest we can gauge demand in your area and find new places to expand our network

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With our hot Fieldays® special, you can experience more data at no extra cost. Select our $79 plan and we will upgrade you to 200GB for three months. Sign up for $109 plan and you will get a whopping 400GB for three months.

Not sure how much data you need? Call our rural internet specialists on 0800 12 13 14 and we can help you out.

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Our rural broadband plans all come with...

Included in all plans
Included in all plans
Free install*
Included in all plans
Local team
Free install on a 12 month contract or $149 install on a six month contract.
Fieldays special valid until 31 July 2018.

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There is a $350+GST charge for a priority installation. It guarantees to have the install carried out within 5 business days, subject to no previously unknown non-standard install requirements being encountered.

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We require the above information about your roof for health and safety purposes.

Note: If you have dogs, you will need to secure these prior to our installation team coming onto the property. If this is not done, site visits will need to be rescheduled and additional charges may apply.


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