Lightwire, keeping you connected this Christmas

lightwire christmas collection

Deck the halls with boughs of data this Christmas and get set for the holiday season with Lightwire. Kiwis across the country are today, tomorrow and the next day – up until the jolly man comes– preparing to fa-la-la-la-lah into the holiday period.

With the majority of New Zealand on holiday and family and friends descending on your household, your plan could see a surge in data usage as people take to their smartphones, laptops and TVs in a bid to unwind, shop and stay entertained.

Where does all that data go? See for yourself! Here are our top four ways to stay connected this holiday season…

Stay connected

Whether you’re Facetiming a cousin in London, Skyping friends in Wellington, or reminding your teenager to pick up more cheese and crackers over Messenger, there are many platforms on the market that allow you to keep in touch with your loved ones.

And, it pays to stay connected on the line. Making calls over the internet are a low-cost alternative to traditional phone services, or even mobile-to-mobile calling. With portability and the option to connect to your smart TV, even Great Aunt Bitsy can keep up to date with family this Christmas.

Gently down the Stream

TV can be a social activity, especially with the number of Netflix Originals Christmas movies hitting the online streaming service this holiday season – perfect for a night in with the family!

Pro tip: Tune into Disney+ and see such classic Christmas family films such as Home Alone (1,2 and – lesser known – 3), The Santa Clause, and even A Miracle on 34th Street.

Make sure you check out how to get your streaming in tip-top condition before starting your Christmas movie marathon here.

Google all the way home

Kiwis have a love of road tripping in the summer holidays. If your family is prone to getting lost, make sure you have Google Maps installed and the address locked in, before you leave for Christmas dinner.

Not only will a GPS system help you find your way to your desired location, but it can help you find your way back ONTO the beaten track if your journey goes askew – think getting caught in a sheep herd behind a police chase… Unlikely, but never-say-never.

Fill your cart online

With online shopping gaining huge traction year-on-year, why not take in a little retail therapy this holiday season? Kicking off on Black Friday (the USA’s biggest shopping day of the season), consumers will save their pennies all year round – holding off buying that much needed new fridge – until the pre-Christmas and Boxing day sales begin.

Need to get stock up the pantry before Christmas but don’t want to battle the crowds? Why not try click and collect! Order it online and pick it up at a time suitable for you.

Online shopping is great for rural communities, who still want to partake in the sales, but don’t want deal with bargain-seeking townies. And with rural delivery only an additional $3.75, it’s probably cheaper than the fuel!

Enjoy being online this holiday season

Fast, reliable rural broadband is a great way to stay connected this holiday season, no matter your reason for going online. Remember if you’re having trouble, get in touch! Our customer care team will be available throughout the holiday period, on 0800 12 13 14.