Moo’ving with Lightwire Rural Internet

Moo'ving soon?
For many dairy farmers, the first day of June means one thing – time to move.

As the industry enters the new season, thousands of sharemilkers pack their families, possessions and livestock into trucks and move to their new farms.

At Lightwire, we make it easy for you to get connected to fast and reliable rural internet at your new place — especially at such a busy time. With 1 June quickly approaching, why not tick broadband off your to-do list now?

Lightwire customers can register their move now over the phone (0800 12 13 14), or online at:

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Getting connected at the new farm

June 1 is our busy season too! So be sure to give us plenty of notice if you are moving — at least three weeks notice, is safe.

If there is no Lightwire internet installed at your new farm, your local Lightwire Field Technician will book an installation as close to your moving date as possible.

Helpful tip: If you are leaving behind a Lightwire connection at your old farm, there’s a few things you can do to help out the new occupants and make getting reconnected easy for them:

  • Leave all the connection hardware behind (i.e. router, POE injector, cabling and radio), all plugged and ready to go for them
  • place the Welcome Pack we will send you next to the router, letting them know that rural broadband is already installed.

We really do want to ensure June 1 moving is as easy as possible for everyone!



Innovative solutions for connecting multiple properties

Lightwire can go a step further. Unlike most other internet providers, Lightwire offers innovative solutions for connecting multiple buildings and work facilities across the farm.

The Lightwire Rural Broadband On-Farm Extension enables you to connect the home, cowshed and workshop (for example) on one internet connection and data plan. The wireless internet connection between dwellings is facilitated by a pair of discrete and durable radios. As with all Lightwire connections, as long as there is a clear line of sight between the connected buildings, you’ll be good to go.


What if there isn’t a clear line of sight to my new home?

If there is a Lightwire tower in your region, but a tree or hill blocks line of sight for the connection, a Lightwire Solar Extension site or a Lightwire Coverage Extension (from a neighbouring building that does have line of sight), may be your best bet. Our local Customer Care team is able to set you up with the solution that best fits your needs.


Register your move online now and start ticking off your list:

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