Phone line and broadband plan

For an extra $10 per month, you can add a phone line to your Lightwire connection. Our Lightwire phone services are delivered as Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) through your rural internet connection (it’s like email, but with your voice). It’s super easy and you may even be able to keep your existing phone number as any standard analogue phone should work fine.

Frequently asked questions

  • What Are The Calling Rates?

    Click the link here to know more about calling rates.

  • Can I keep my existing phone number?

    Yes, we can port your existing number over for you. Please contact our team to fill out a Porting Request Form. Do not disconnect your copper line as we need it to be active to port your number. You will then be automatically disconnected from the copper line network when the porting process is complete.

  • Can I use it as my primary phoneline?

    Yes you can. However, VoIP needs power to work so we strongly advise you have a mobile phone on hand in case of power outages or emergency situations. Most Lightwire customers do choose to disconnect their copper line though.

  • Do I need to use a special phone?

    No. Your existing analogue phone can be used for your VoIP

  • Will my phone have a voicemail service?

    Yes, your phone has a voicemail service built in that you can access by dialing *55 and entering your PIN. Contact our helpdesk if you need a hand setting this up.

  • Will my phone work if there is a power cut?

    Just like your computer needs power, so does your VoIP phone service. We suggest you read our support article here if you need your phone line for medical use.

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• Free local calling within your area code
• National calling for only 4c per minute (+ GST)
• Competitive mobile and international calling rates
• Call forwarding, call hold, caller ID and answer phone

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