Refer a friend – Frequently asked questions

Refer a Friend is an exciting opportunity for you to get free rural broadband by introducing your friends and family to Lightwire’s awesome services! We know you may have some questions, so please read our handy FAQs below. If you can’t find an answer to your question , give our helpdesk a call, email or message and they’ll sort you out!


I want to refer a friend

How do I refer a friend?

It’s simple! Head to the Refer a Friend portal and enter your friend’s name and email address. You’ll see their name pop up in your list of referrals below. This means they’ve been sent an email letting them know you’ve referred them, and they can sign up to Lightwire’s fast, reliable rural broadband too.


What if I only know my friend’s work email address?

No worries. Once your friend has received the initial Refer a Friend email, they can sign up to Lightwire using any email address they wish.


How does it work?

Once your friend has received the initial Refer a Friend email, they will be led through the process, and you’ll be kept up to date via email, as well as via your list of referrals in the Refer a Friend portal. You’ll be able to see if your friend has claimed the offer or not. If they are taking their time, we’ll send them a reminder email (and you can remind them too!).


When will I get my free month?

Once your friend has Lightwire installed on their property, your account will be credited with a free month.


Can a person be referred by more than one friend?

Nope. The first person to refer a friend is the only one eligible for the free month. So, get moving – it’s first in, first served!


I can see my friend has ‘claimed’ their offer, but their broadband hasn’t been installed yet. What now?

This means your friend is in the installation process. Lightwire has an installation lead-in time of approximately three weeks (this can increase during busy periods). Sit tight, we’re working on it!


What if installation at my friend’s house fails?

Unfortunately, there are times when even though someone is in coverage, their installation cannot be carried out due to different obstacles on their property. The most common reason is there is not an adequate line of sight from one of our towers to their home. In this instance, your friend may opt for one of our extension solutions. Don’t worry though, we are constantly doing upgrades and adding new towers, so if installation becomes viable in the future, we’ll be able to get them connected. If this happens, you’ll still get your free month of broadband for initially referring them!

What does ‘expired’ mean in my list of referrals?

This means your friend never took advantage of the Refer a Friend offer. After a month of no action from your friend, the initial offer expires. On the bright side, you can simply refer them again!


Can I refer a friend again if they have ‘expired’?

Absolutely. But this time, you may want to keep reminding them to claim the offer!


Why has my friend’s name disappeared from my referral list?

Once the referral offer has expired, we will clear it from your list so you’re able to refer them again should you choose to.


What happens if the friend I refer signs up, but doesn’t use the Refer a Friend link to do it?

It’s important that your friend does use the Refer a Friend link we email to them, however, if they haven’t, we may be able to help. Contact our friendly helpdesk.


The friend I referred isn’t in coverage – what now?

We’re constantly upgrading our broadband sites and adding new towers, so they may come into coverage in the future. Don’t worry, we’ll keep a record of their information and referral, so you’ll still get your free month of broadband if they sign up in the future.


How many friends can I refer?

You can refer as many friends as you like – the sky is the limit!


I’m trying to refer a friend, but it keeps telling me the email I’ve entered is invalid. What’s going on?

There are a couple reasons for this. Either the email address has already been used to refer someone, or it’s tied to an existing Lightwire account. If neither of these reasons apply, contact our friendly helpdesk and we’ll get to the bottom of it.


I’ve been referred by a friend

I received an email telling me I’ve been referred by a friend – what now?

What an awesome friend you have! It’s easy – just follow the link in the email and it will take you through the sign-up process.


Do I have to sign up to Lightwire with the email address I was referred with?

Nope, you can choose to sign up with whichever email address is the most appropriate for you.


My friend referred me, but I signed up without using the email link. Can we still get our free month?

This is a bit trickier, but we may be able to help. Contact our friendly helpdesk and we’ll see what we can do.


I want to sign up through Refer a Friend, but I’m not in coverage – what now?

We know this is disappointing, but we’re constantly upgrading our broadband sites and adding new towers, so there’s a chance you may be in coverage in the future. We’ll keep your information on file so that if/when you are in coverage, you can still use your Refer a Friend sign-up opportunity.


Does the friend that referred me get the free month even if my installation fails?

Unfortunately, no. But all is not lost -we keep your details on file so that if anything changes in the future and you are able to be installed, you and your friend will still receive a free month of awesome rural broadband.


I claimed the Refer a Friend offer, but my installation failed. What now?

Depending on why the installation failed (your installer will have communicated this to you), there may be a chance installation will be successful in the future. We will keep your information on file so if this happens, you and your friend will still be eligible for a free month of rural broadband.


Help! I can no longer use the email link I received to sign up through refer a friend – what happened?

The most likely reason is that the offer has now expired. But don’t worry, your friend can refer you again – just don’t wait so long this time!


Woohoo! I claimed the Refer a Friend offer and I’ve been connected. When do I get my free month?

The free month’s credit will be applied to the first invoice you receive from Lightwire. Note that, depending on when you were installed, it’s possible your first invoice may contain a part month charge on top of your free month.


I’m connected! How soon can I start referring my friends?

Right. Now. They’re lucky to have such a great mate!