Rural Wireless Broadband

built for the Waikato

Rural Wireless Broadband

Frustrated by slow, unreliable internet?

At Lightwire, we don’t think you should suffer from poor internet connections just because you live at a rural address. By installing a small wireless receiver on the roof of your house, we can connect you to fast, reliable wireless broadband that has been built especially for you. Using world class wireless technologies and hilltop sites, Lightwire delivers rural internet solutions across the Waikato.


$65/month(inc GST)

  • Extra data only $3 per GB
  • Add a phone line for $10

Free Installation


$105/month(inc GST)

  • Extra data only $1 per GB
  • Add a phone line for $10

Free Installation

Rural Wireless Broadband Build for the Waikato

  • Fast & Reliable
  • Free Installation valued at $199
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Local helpdesk team

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get this service?

    Lightwire has specifically designed its rural broadband network to meet the needs of rural communities across the Waikato. We are constantly adding new towers and hilltop sites that allow us to provide greater coverage. Please check our coverage map and if you are unsure, please contact our local helpdesk team and they will discuss options with you.

  • Which plan is right for me?

    The amount of data you and your household need depends on how you use the internet at home.  As a guide, if you are checking the weather, emails, social media and using the internet to surf and chat, we’d say you’re a light user and would recommend starting with our 30GB plan.  If you have family members at home who also use the internet, you may need a little extra data.  Heavy user? You know who you are!

  • What's involved with installation?

    One of our technicians will come to your property and mount a small wireless receiver on your roof.  This transmits back to the main repeater site located away from your property (often on top of a nearby hill).  Our technician will also ensure your computer is connected to your new wireless internet.

  • What happens I exceed my data cap?

    We understand that some months you may need to use more data, but we promise we won’t sting you for it.  Our plans have a set rate for extra data which we clearly promote with each of our packages.  We also monitor our customers’ accounts and will tell you if we believe you should switch up or down a plan.

  • Why can’t I have a fixed line/ADSL connection?

    Fixed line or ADSL is a technology that has been developed for enabling broadband connections using existing telephone networks. ADSL only works close to an ADSL exchange which means it is unavailable to most of the rural Waikato.

Coverage map

Add a Phone Line for Just $10

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is when your phone service is delivered through your internet connection. For only $10 per month you can add a phone line to your plan.

Upgrade your rural broadband connection to include:

  • FREE local calling within your entire area code
  • National calling only 4c per minute (+GST)
  • Competitive mobile and international calling rates
  • Keep your existing phone number