Lightwire innovation for extending connectivity to multiple properties

Lightwire Rural Extensions

Connecting multiple properties by extending wireless rural broadband coverage is something Lightwire is well known for in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions.

We’ve always risen to the challenge of connecting rural properties and farms in tricky locations. No two farms are the same and so rather than being constrained by commercial limitations, our Lightwire Field Technicians and Network Engineers have the freedom to develop customised, creative network solutions that provide robust connectivity.

We’re very excited to finally put names to our innovations! Take a look at our On-Farm, Coverage and Solar Extensions and give us a call (0800 12 13 14) to get set up.


Connect multiple properties on one Lightwire internet connection – Learn more.


Connect multiple properties with individual Lightwire internet connections, where line of sight to a rural broadband tower is limited – Learn more.
Lightwire Coverage Extension


Connect your home and/or workspaces from one solar extension site, located anywhere on your land – Learn more.
Solar Extension

For product specifications and prices, take a look at the linked PDFs above.
Give our Hamilton-based team a call on 0800 12 13 14 to get set up.