Lightwire Rural Broadband

Free installation worth $199 for a limited time!



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More Details



More Details

+ Add a Phone line for $10/mth to any plan

Our Plans

Using Lightwire's own rural broadband network, get fast, reliable rural broadband with no strings, no installation fee and a 30 day money back guarantee! 

Monthly Price $65 $85 $105
Add Phone Line $10 $10 $10
Installation (incl router) $FREE $FREE $FREE
Data Cap 15GB 50GB 200GB
Data Overage $3/GB $2/GB $1/GB
Contract Term NONE NONE NONE

* Over-usage is calculated based on 1GB blocks over your data cap. Quoted speeds are "peak" speeds and are not guaranteed. Actual speeds will depend on factors such as time of day, internet congestion, etc. The service is best-effort. All prices include GST. Terms and conditions apply and can be downloaded from

Can I get this service?

Lightwire's rural broadband network is specifically designed for the needs of rural communities around the Waikato where ADSL broadband may not be available.

Lightwire rural broadband plans offer fast, reliable, affordable wireless broadband in locations where Lightwire has built and operates its own network. This covers the Waikato, from Raglan to Matamata, Hamilton to Mangakino, but also extends to the greater Waikato.

In locations where Lightwire's rural broaband network does not yet reach, we may still be able to connect you using another network, RBI. Our customer care representatives will let you know if you're in coverage for the RBI network, and explain the pricing options if we can't connect you to our own network.

Which plan is right for me?

15GB - Light Internet Users: Great if you have just come off a dial-up connection and occasionally use the Internet to surf, chat and download files.

50GB - Medium Internet Users: Great for families that use the Internet on a daily basis to check emails, surf websites, download music or videos and upload photos and files.

200GB - Heavy Internet Users: Suited to power users that use the Internet for two or more hours everyday, and view it as a critical part of their daily lives. Great for downloading movies or lots of music, gaming, social networking and uploading photos and music regularly.

What's involved with installation?

A small wireless receiver is mounted on your roof, which transmits back to a main repeater.

Our installer will come out and do the installation, as well as setup the system on your computer.

If you have any questions regarding networking or email, then you can ask the installer to cover these at the same time.