Our Vision and Mission

From small beginnings

Lightwire was founded in 2006 as a result of a single issue: Dr Murray Pearson could not source a reliable broadband internet connection to his rural property in the Waikato. This led Dr Pearson to undertake a research project through the University of Waikato and to develop No 8 Wireless, which would later become Lightwire. We take our mission of connecting people and businesses with the fastest internet and best network technologies very seriously. So seriously in fact that if there isn’t a solution, we’ll build one. Taking our local knowledge, can-do attitude, and ability to turn research and development into smart consumer-based solutions we aim to lead New Zealand in connectivity technology.


  • Local
  • Can-do
  • Invention
  • Expertise

Nod your head if you know someone who at their home or work, would like a better quality internet connection – and no more dial up! Chances are, you are nodding. We all know that being connected is a requirement for modern living. We want and need to be connected.

Now, keep nodding if you love having slow or no internet just because you live outside of the city. How about loving that your business doesn’t fit a boxed-solution? Or calling a call centre and they don’t even know where Te Pahu is? No nodding now? We didn’t think so. As it turns out, most people through the Waikato share your thoughts.

Lightwire know the Waikato. Based in Hamilton, New Zealand, our team turn research and development into world-class solutions for people like you. For over a decade we have been connecting small communities and more recently, providing complex network, data and internet solutions Waikato-wide.

Our history is steeped in innovation and we continue to create practical solutions to rural, residential, prepay and business customers throughout the Waikato. We are local, we get it, and we are here to connect you.


Good words. Good people.
We are very grateful. Feels a lot more satisfying to be supporting a local ISP who actually listens to their customers.
Jason Liddiard
Maramarua Forest
Now that we have a wireless network inside our home that is reliable and fast, we can all be managing our work, household accounts, homework and keeping in touch with friends and family - thank you.
Sharon Jefferies
Te Pahu
Lightwire enabled us to HAVE a broadband service. No other broadband provider in NZ was able to, due primarily to our location. Our connection enables us faster more efficient internet service - great for regular Skype contact with friends and family.
Sue and Dez Newland
Te Pahu
I am the Managing Director of a rural-based ecological science consultancy firm in Te Pahu, Waikato. When the company was formed in 2001, we struggled to operate as a rural based business because of the limitations of poor dialup internet connections. I highly recommend Lightwire to anyone considering broadband for business or home.
Gerry Kessels
Te Pahu
Living in a rural community we are not exposed to fast internet as most residents in the city. However, this has changed for rural residents in the Whitehall area thanks to Lightwire. I would have no hesitation to recommend this service to other rural customers. A very satisfied Lightwire customer!
Edgardo R. Beacon
Whitehall, Cambridge
We are remote. Lightwire took the time to understand our requirements, gave us performance guarantees and provided a solution that was cost-effective. Our productivity has improved, as well as our customer service levels – Lightwire has delivered.
Eric Souchen
Managing Director, HG Leach
Your customer service and product costs are outstanding. We have the best internet connection we have ever had since moving to your service and everyone one we know who has changed to you feels the same as we do.
Jan and Peter Middlemiss