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Sustainability, what does it mean for Lightwire? Like everyone else, we want to make the world a better place… phrases like these, however, do not magically make a positive impact on our planet and society. Improving the planet requires hard work, dedication, and most of all, consistency. So, back...

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How Lightwire Nails Health & Safety

An accident is typically the final stage in a long line of weaknesses or omissions, and to get to the core of those issues discussions are required and questions must be asked. It is not about laying blame but rather establishing what we can learn in order to improve and prevent a reoccurrence. ~ R...

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RBI2 on Track

Following the success of the first phase of the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI), (completed in 2016), which originally saw new and improved broadband capability commissioned for over 300,000 rural households and businesses across New Zealand, in 2017 Crown Infrastructure Partners (CIP) followed up ...

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Lifting our H&S game with the Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter

That’s the simple goal we have for all of our team, but there is a hell of a lot of work that goes into making sure that is a reality day after day. We have a strong and sustained focus on health and safety (H&S), and a lot of that is focused around our field team. This team are exposed to ...

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Lightwire prepared to Li in order to improve its network

Alright, so that nerdy pun sucked, apologies. But now that you are here, let’s talk about Lightwire deploying lithium batteries on its network in November. PIR2 (located in Pirongia) is our first mains-powered, lithium battery-backed rural site; representing Lightwire's first steps toward widespre...

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What is the Lightwire Rural Portal?

The customer portal is your one stop shop for all things related to your Lightwire Rural Broadband connection. Inside the portal you can change your plan, set up your preferred payment method, and let us know if you're moving. ...

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Making rural broadband out of thin air

New Zealand is full of them, people that are prepared to pull up their socks and say, “stuff it, I’m going to sort this.” At Lightwire we see these people all the time. They have a problem, that being that they have no broadband at their property, and they have decided they are going to do so...

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Lightwire Invests in Waipa Broadband

As a key part of the Waikato’s connectivity fabric for the last 15 years, Lightwire has a strong track record of heavy investment in the regions broadband infrastructure. Even so, this latest project sets a new standard in design and investment and will see vastly improved speeds and uptime for Li...

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Lightwire helping connect Arapuni

The RBI is being run by the Crown Infrastructure Partners (CIP) to provide rural broadband access to 90,000 rural households and businesses around the country that don’t currently have access to ‘good internet’. Working with the CIP, we’ve helped create thousands of new broadband connecti...

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Delivering critical rural internet connectivity in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty

The Waikato farmer and businesswoman is the new chair of DairyNZ’s Dairy Environment Leaders programme, is an associate with a local chartered accountant firm, and together with husband Justin, own and operate a 300 cow, 106ha dairy farm near Te Aroha. Like many other rural residents and busine...

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