Pre-wire Service

Building a new house? The pre-wire service ensures your install is as tidy as possible with less conduit and cables nicely hidden. Your service will also be ready to go the moment your build is complete.

Get rural broadband ready

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Get Rural Broadband Ready is a service we offer to enable you as builders and developers to have your new build houses pre-installed with Rural Broadband as part of your build process. You can then market your development as Rural Broadband ready!

Pre installed rural broadband

why builders & developers love to pre-install rural broadband in new builds.

The pre-wire process

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Step 1

Coverage check

The rural sales team will perform a coverage check to see if the new build is in coverage of a Lightwire wireless rural broadband tower. You can read more about that process here.

Step 2

Line of sight check

A technician is sent out to the build site to see if there is anything blocking the line of sight between the build and the tower e.g. trees & hills.

LW Orange
LW Orange

Step 3

Rural Broadband

A technician installs a dish aimed at the Lightwire tower and prewires the build with the customer’s preferred router location.

SubDividing land?

Scope the availability of telecommunications services to meet council requirements for subdivisions in rural areas.

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Request a pre-wire service for your new build(s) and we’ll be in touch within 2 business days.

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