Refer A Friend

Free internet for a month for you and your friend, neighbour, or family member when they successfully sign up for fast wireless internet from Lightwire.

Get 1 month free internet when you refer a friend Lightwire

Refer a friend = win/win

Each month approximately 25% of our new customers come to us after being referred by a friend or neighbour. We love that our customers are advocating for us, and we wanted to make it a win/win, so we launched the refer a friend program. 


The refer a friend program grants both the referrer and referee one month of free internet once the referee gets connected.


Oh, and you can refer as many people as you like and you will get a free month each time the referee gets connected.

How does refer a friend work?

Every Lightwire customer is allocated a unique code. Your code unique referral code is inside your customer portal.  


All you need to do is share that referral code with your friends and/or family. 


When they go through the online sign-up form they will see a promo code field on the checkout page. 


As long as they enter the code, you will both receive a month’s internet free once they are connected. The credit will be applied to your next invoice and to their first invoice. 


Got a question about this process? Give our friendly rural sales team a call on 0800 12 13 14.  

Quite possibly the most referred internet service provider in New zealand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once your friend has Lightwire installed on their property, your friend and your account will be credited with a free month.

Nope. The first person to refer a friend is the only one eligible for the free month. So, get moving – it’s first in, first served!

Unfortunately, there are times when even though someone is in coverage, their installation cannot be carried out due to different obstacles on their property. The most common reason is there is not adequate line of sight from one of our towers to their home. In this instance, your friend may benefit from one of our extension solutions.

It’s important that your friend does use the Refer a Friend link unique to their account, however, if they haven’t, we may be able to help. Contact our friendly helpdesk by phone: 0800 12 13 14 or email:

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