Rural Landline

Unlimited calling to New Zealand and Australian landlines and mobiles for only $19.95/month when combined with a wireless rural broadband plan.

Lightwire Landline - Rural Calling Made Easy

How does the Lightwire Landline work?

The Lightwire landline uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which means that the phone line is connected via your Lightwire internet connection.


You can plug any standard phone into the phone port on the back of your router and your phone is ready to make and receive calls. Please note that the Lightwire Landline requires power and internet so it will not work during a power cut.

Functional & Affordable

The Lightwire Landline doesn’t just give you high-quality calling capability, it also enables you to forward your calls, put callers on hold, and block/unblock callers. The functionality is easy to use via simple feature codes.  


The voicemail is accessible via your phone and we’ll send you the voice recording as an audio file to your email, so that you can listen to your voicemail from anywhere, at any time

Rural connectivity that puts a smile on your face.

Unlimited calling

Call your friends and family (or anyone) until you run out of things to say with unlimited calling to New Zealand & Australian landlines and mobile phone numbers, you won’t need to worry about your phone bill. 


Unlimited calling doesn’t include calling cards, 059 (toll calls) or 0900 calls. Calling outside of New Zealand or Australia? International calling rates apply. You can read about them here.

Jay Shattock
Jay Shattock
Lightwire customer since 2013
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We first shifted to the country from the city in 2013. At that time there was no broadband in our area and main internet providers could not help us. Lightwire was the only one that could and would supply us. Installation was quick and free and we have had no trouble ever since, except for the modem going down which was replaced quickly and free of charge.

We have kept an eye in other providers and Lightwire is still very competitive. One thing we really like was that in 2018 we cancelled our landline phone and added the Lightwire landline. We found this a nice extra when we were overseas. If someone leaves a voice message Lightwire sends us an email with the phone message attached so we know who called and what their message was. An extra added value to the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can bring your number over to Lightwire. Taking your existing number with you is a process called porting.


We recommend you test out our phone service first, and if you’re happy with the call quality and service we’ll be happy to port your existing phone number over.


Please note that your phone number needs to be active with your current provider in order for us to be port it over to the Lightwire network. We cannot port an inactive number over.

Yes, your phone has a voicemail service built in that you can access by dialing *55 and entering your PIN.


Voicemails are sent directly to your email so you can access your voicemail from anywhere at any time.

Feature codes available for use are as follows: 

  • *52 – Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Activate – Follow the prompts to select the number 
  • *53 – Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Deactivate 
  • *72 – Call Forward All Activate – Follow the prompts to select the number 
  • *73 – Call Forward All Deactivate 
  • *740 – Call Forward Toggle 
  • *90 – Call Forward Busy Activate – Follow the prompts to select the number 
  • *91 – Call Forward Busy Deactivate 
  • *70 – Call Waiting – Activate 
  • *71 – Call Waiting – Deactivate 
  • *55 – My Voicemail 


You also have the ability to block and unblock certain numbers.  You can only block numbers based on their caller ID or block all anonymous numbers together. 


We can also hide your caller ID when you call out to other numbers. 


Feature codes to block numbers are as follows: 

*76 – Block Anonymous callers 
*77 – Unblock Anonymous callers 
*78 – Block Last Caller 
*79 – Unblock Last Caller 

No. The phone service does not count toward your monthly data allowance, so call all you want to call.

If you require your phone line for medical reasons, we recommend that you retain a phone service over the copper line with your current provider. Due to the nature of how the Lightwire Rural service is built, we cannot guarantee 100% up-time for Lightwire Voice and prefer not to put you at any risk.


If you are running a business in a rural area, Lightwire Rural’s landline VoIP is a great option for affordability and value for money. In case you need more functionality in your voice service, we recommend you have a look at 3CX or Teams Calling

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