Connecting you with rural wireless internet

At Lightwire, we believe our rural communities deserve awesome internet! By installing a small wireless receiver on the roof of your house, we’ll get (and keep) you connected to fast, reliable, wireless, rural internet. Using world-class wireless internet technologies and hilltop sites, our savvy local team delivers rural broadband solutions across the Waikato and Bay of Plenty to 5,000+ families, homes and rural businesses. Lightwire has a range of options for customised and cost-effective rural internet connections.

Rural internet

If you require an internet connection to a neighbouring shed, our on-farm extension uses point-to-point (P2P) radio links to extend your connection to other buildings. Or if you don’t have a clear line of sight to the Lightwire internet tower (trees can be pesky!), Lightwire’s coverage extension uses an intermediary point with a line of sight, to connect using the P2P radio links.

It might sound techy, but it’s quite simple really, and our friendly local team are always happy to make sure you know what’s what.

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Phone line

Set up your home phoneline at the same time! Our Lightwire phone services are delivered as Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP- it’s like email but with your voice) through your rural internet connection. It’s super easy and you may even be able to keep your existing phone number as any standard analogue phone should work fine.

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On-farm extension

The Lightwire rural broadband on-farm extension is perfect for when you need to extend your internet connection to other buildings on your property (think cowshed or workshop). This is way more affordable than installing a second connection.

The on-farm extension connection is wireless and enabled by a pair of radios. A line of site between locations is a must for this connection.

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Coverage and solar extension

Our coverage extension allows customers to extend (or relay) their connection to neighbouring buildings or properties without a good line of sight to the internet tower, via wireless radio link.

Every building or property can have their own data plan and WiFi router. Group the connections to one account, or keep them separate. So easy!

Solar extension installation comprises solar panels, batteries to store power, a CPE to connect to the Lightwire rural internet tower and a pair of radios that bridge the connection from the solar site to your property.

Did we lose you with the tech talk? Don’t worry, our friendly local team will help you sort your P2Ps from your CPEs in a nanosecond!

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Unlimited off-peak data

When it comes to data, we know there’s no such thing as too much! To give our awesome rural customers like you more flexibility and capacity when it comes to data, we’re rolling out unlimited off-peak data across our 750GB rural internet plans.

Between midnight and 6am every day (or night, as the case may be) you’ll have unlimited access to our fast, reliable, rural internet. We realise this is late at night, but it’s also the perfect time to run software updates, download movies or game with friends until early hours of the morning, without chewing through your normal usage allowance!

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“Due to our location, no other provider could connect us. Our connection enables us faster, more efficient internet service – great for regular Skype contact with friends and family.”
- Sue and Dez Newland, Te Pahu
- Sue and Dez Newland, Te Pahu
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