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Rural Consumer Broadband

At Lightwire, we believe our rural communities deserve awesome internet! By installing a small wireless receiver on the roof of your house, we’ll get (and keep) you connected to fast, reliable, wireless, rural internet.


Using world-class wireless internet technologies and hilltop sites, our savvy local team delivers rural broadband solutions across the Waikato and Bay of Plenty to 7,000+ families, homes and rural businesses. Lightwire has a range of options for customised and cost-effective rural internet connections.


You want internet? Get unlimited. No hidden costs, no slowdowns, just genuine unlimited rural internet

$155 per month

Free install and WiFi modem on 12 months term. No data caps, no hidden charges.
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Casual browsing and movie or music streaming. Unlimited off-peak data.

$139 per month

Free install and WiFi modem on 12 months term. Unlimited off-peak data included.
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Entry plan to enjoy the best of Lightwire. Unlimited off-peak data.

$95 per month

Free install and WiFi modem on 12 months term. Unlimited off-peak data included.
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Whole Home WiFi Guarantee

Every room covered in strong reliable WiFi, guaranteed.

Whole Home WiFi Guarantee

Included in Unlimited Plan (12 month) or add the guarantee to your plan for $9.49 per month.
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Rural Phone line

Unlimited calling to New Zealand and Australian landlines and mobiles for $19.95/month.

No more variable charges for calls to friends and family in Australia and NZ, with Lightwire unlimited calling offer, you can talk as much as want.


Lightwire’s rural phone landline is provided over VoIP technology and works with any standard analogue phone.

Wireless broadband

Licensed business wireless services provide speeds up to 200Mbps. The licensed radio frequency minimises the risk of interference from other wireless services as well as jitter and packet loss.


Wireless business broadband comes with unlimited data, 24/7 support and the service level agreements you can expect from a business-grade internet connection.


Prices for licensed wireless business broadband start from $449 per month excluding install costs and GST.

Lightwire Rural Solutions include business grade wireless broadband

New Zealand's largest Independent Wireless Provider

Coverage Extension (WAN)

Coverage extension (WAN)

When your house is within range of one of our towers but doesn’t have direct line of sight to it, a WAN extension is our go-to solution.


Using this solution we relay a service from a neighbouring property that can access Lightwire’s network, essentially extending our network to you via this other property.


If your neighbour is the helpful type, let’s talk about how we can team up to get you connected.


$0 install, and Lightwire’s Unlimited ($139/month) plan must be selected on a 24 month term

On Farm Extension (LAN)

Need to extend your internet connection to other locations on your property? A Lightwire on-farm extension is the solution for you.
Connect a cowshed, the office, or a workshop to your existing plan and eliminate the need for a second connection.
The wireless connection includes one Wi-Fi-enabled router, located at the property connected directly to the Lightwire rural tower. The other locations will have a single ethernet cable to plug directly into a computer or other device.
$600 installation fee + $30 monthly per additional account. 12 month minimum term applies.
On Farm Extension (LAN)

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