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We’re here to help you stay connected to great rural internet. If you’re planning to move soon, we need plenty of notice to prepare and help you get set up quickly at the new place.

It’s easy and quick to register your move. You can either get it done now online, or we can chat over the phone.

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Check your coverage
YAY! Looks like you're in coverage!

There are Lightwire broadband sites in your new area and (as long as there are no trees or buildings obstructing line of sight) we can help you get reconnected with fast, wireless internet.

Sorry, this address is not in coverage yet.

Please don’t be disheartened if your new address is not yet in coverage. We are constantly adding to our tower network and are always on the lookout for new sites. Please fill out your details below and we will be in touch to see what we can do to help.

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New Address: Installation Details

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We require the above information about your roof for health and safety purposes.

Note: If you have dogs, you will need to secure these prior to our installation team coming onto the property. If this is not done, site visits will need to be rescheduled and additional charges may apply.

Additional Notes

Please be aware that a fee will apply, as per the Lightwire Rural Wireless Internet Offer Summary. Please be aware that if you are still in a 6 or 12 month contract term, a fee will apply, as per the Lightwire Rural Wireless Internet Offer Summary. A member of our team will be in touch if this applies to you.

Summary (for internal use only)

Advise the customer of the following obligations and conditions
Relocation doesn't affect the customer's plan, so they stay on their current plan.
{{form.addPhoneLine ? 'A phone line at an additional $10/month': ''}}
{{form.priorityInstall ? 'There is a $350+GST charge for a priority installation. It guarantees to have the install carried out within 5 business days, subject to no previously unknown non-standard install requirements being encountered.': ''}}
{{form.contractTerm == 12 ? 'LW 12 months - FREE' : 'LW Rural 6 months - Install $149' }}
Month in advance
Due on 20th of the month
Payment methods
DD, CC or bank transfer
DD with welcome pack
Account portal
Late payment fee
Best effort, No internet = no phone
Not recommended for medical or business reasons
New or existing number
We will connect you once the internet is installed
Terms and Conditions
Final Stage
2 -3 weeks wait
Installer will call to make a time
Early Termination Fees
{{form.contractTerm == 12 ? ' 12 month contract: $500 if broken within 0-6 months, $250 if broken within 6-12 months' : '6 month contract: pay remainder of 6 month term' }}

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