Guaranteed Speeds

Lightwire is unique among rural broadband providers in that we go past talking about potential speeds or average speeds – we commit to guaranteed download speeds.

What do we promise?

During off-peak periods we commit to providing a minimum download speed of 20Mbps, and during peak times we commit to providing a minimum download speed of 10Mbps.

On-peak is defined as 3 pm through to 10pm, essentially the period when the kids are home, the family is streaming Netflix and/or various other options, and the internet connection is getting a fairly good hit out.

How do we do it?

Our residential network is 100% owned and operated by Lightwire, meaning that we can control our contention policies. By definition, all residential networks will run with some level of contention, but where many RBI 4G towers (the towers that Vodafone and other big players provide services from) are heavily congested and provide poor speeds, we work hard and continually pump money into our network to keep growing our capacity as ever more customers connect.


The key detail is that we focus on your experience as a customer, and our speed commitment to you drives constant investment into our network.

How is it measured and enforced?

Your speed guarantee means that any experience that falls short of this promise justifies the lodgment of a support case.


If an issue exists, we will ask you to measure the download speed from your Lightwire supplied router, ideally via a device connected to it via ethernet. If this is not possible, a portable device connected via wireless and positioned in close proximity to the router is the next best option.


Our support team will work with you to isolate any potential complicating factors such as WiFi coverage or 3rd party equipment from the mix so that we can focus on the performance of your connection. Our support team will ask you to run speed tests to our server and will look at a range of other diagnostic reports to resolve the issue.


In very (very) rare occasions, due to 3rd party interference for example, we may not be able to get your speeds to where we want them to be, but in such cases, we will not apply any early termination charges if you are in contract and choose to cancel your service. We can’t always control speed outcomes, but if that’s the case, we will take it on the chin.


It is worth noting, in the 30 days prior to this post being written, our average download speed at time of installation (and over 200 installs were completed last month) was 53.5Mbps, and that is up from 48Mbps two months ago.


Our network is going from strength to strength and we back ourselves to deliver industry leading speeds to your household.

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