Another pre-summer holiday post

These holidays will be the first time in a long time that a lot of us will be catching up with our friends and families, and one thing we don’t want to worry about while we are relaxing and reuniting is our internet connection. So the team and I have put together some helpful tips to ensure the only thing you need to worry about is who is making the pavlova.

Connection Offline?

Check the router. If the WLAN light is not flashing, it means the Wi-Fi is turned off. On the side of the router, push the WLAN button and wait a few seconds for the light to come back on. The Wi-Fi connection should come back online.


Still nothing?

Before giving us a call, give your router and POE adapter a restart. A lot of the time, this will solve the issue.

Having extra visitors over the holiday period?

We can upgrade your plan for the month and set it to go back to your normal plan the following month, meaning you don’t have to worry about running out or changing it back.


You can upgrade your plan via the online account portal by following these steps…


1 – Login to the online account portal

2 – Locate need more data and click on “upgrade your plan”

3 – Select the plan you want to change to

4 – Tick the box to accept the terms and click on change my plan


On our 150GB and 300GB plans, we also offer unlimited off-peak data between 12 am – 8 am. Perfect for scheduling any large upload/download without using your monthly data.

Need to find your Wi-Fi password?

From Santa bringing a new device or Uncle John coming to stay, there is bound to be someone arriving that will ask for the Wi-Fi password. It’s a good idea to have it recorded somewhere handy. If you are unsure what the password is or want to change it, send us an email.

But what about….

Have a different question? Or need further information? Happy to answer them! Whether it’s a support query or a query about your account, the team and I are always keen to help.

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