Getting the most out of your Wi-Fi: A quick guide

Alright, so you’ve got a Lightwire technician coming over to set up your Wi-Fi, and they’re going to ask you some stuff to make sure you get the best internet experience ever. Here’s what they’ll want to know:

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Are you an online gamer, a Netflix binger, or just a regular web surfer? Knowing how you use the internet helps them figure out the best setup for you. Once they know what type of user you are, they’ll set up your router in an optimal area of the house, maybe run it on a particular frequency or run cables directly to a gaming console. There’s more to an install than just plugging a cable into the router!



Tell them where you use the web most frequently. Got an office that needs super-speedy Wi-Fi? Are you surfing the web while you’re generally in the lounge most of the time? Or maybe you need coverage in all the bedrooms. They need to know this to set things up right because we want to ensure the Wi-Fi signal reaches you where you hang out. You should be getting your router set up in an area of the house that has the most devices in it.

Choose Wisely - 2.4GHz vs. 5GHz

Your router can broadcast on two frequencies – 2.4GHz and 5GHz. “GHz” is short for gigahertz, a unit of frequency that measures computer processing speed, alternating current, and electromagnetic (EM) frequencies. It’s different to 5G, which stands for “fifth generation” mobile network. The 5GHz is faster but doesn’t like going through walls, while the 2.4GHz goes further but at slightly lower speeds. So, choose wisely!



If you want to game with the fastest connection possible, they'll hook a LAN cable from the LAN port on your router to your desktop/game console ethernet port. This eliminates the need to use Wi-Fi to connect, making your connection as fast as it can.

Wi-Fi Drama: Interference!

There are a lot of Wi-Fi devices inside homes broadcasting their own signals around, which in some instances, are on the same frequency as your connection or use the same channel, and potentially impacts the internet connection. So, if you buy a new product and suddenly, your internet experience changes, call the help desk on 0800 12 13 14 and get them to scan for frequencies in the dwelling.

Wi-Fi Extenders: Friends or Foes?

Wi-Fi extenders can be handy to boost your signal, but not all are created equal. Get the good ones, like Wi-Fi 6 mesh units, that won’t cut your speed in half. Wi-Fi extenders will generally only re-transmit half of what they receive. So, if you’re picking up 60Mbps signal from the router, it will broadcast it out at 30Mbps on the other end… Wi-Fi 6 mesh units don’t have this issue, they transmit to each other everything the router can give to all units placed around the house. 


Tip: make sure if you’re buying a mesh unit from a third party that it is compatible with your router! Without this, you’ll be having to switch between WiFi networks every time you’re on each end of the house… no thanks! They’ll install a Huawei router when they show up to install at your place, so ask your technician what the best product to use is. Rumour has it that Lightwire might have something on offer soon for you to cover this…

See how a WiFi Mesh Unit will extend, but maintain your range across the house? Ideal!

power up with powerline extenders

Using your home’s power lines to extend Wi-Fi? Yeah, it’s a thing! Just make sure they’re on the same circuit for it to work like magic. Powerline extenders use the actual power cabling inside your house walls to extend it to from the router to wherever you plug in the access point, which then transmits another Wi-Fi signal. Both ends need to be on the same electrical circuit to work.

Connecting the Unreachable – we can do it!

If your place is far from a tower, they have something that will save the day. If you have a neighbour who is within coverage and with Lightwire, they can leverage the dish on their roof to shoot internet onto a dish on yours. Voila! You now have a connection.

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Coverage Extension

Remember, chat it up with your technician, and they’ll set you up with the perfect Wi-Fi experience. No more buffering or dead zones – just awesome internet. Happy streaming, gaming, and browsing!

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