On-Farm vs Coverage Extensions… what’s the difference?

Rural broadband, we do a lot of great things with it here at Lightwire. By erecting broadband sites in remote areas of the Waikato and Bay of Plenty, we connect communities and enable businesses to operate effectively. One of the ways we do this is by on-farm extensions, coverage extensions and solar extensions. But what’s the difference and which one do you need?

Rural operations or communities will often require multiple properties to be connected. Think about the number of properties on any one farm – the primary homestead, the sharemilker’s cottage and the cowshed (which could be three kilometres down the road!).

Our networks rely on line-of-sight technology, so it can get tricky when it comes to topographical obstacles (pesky trees and hills!). But Lightwire’s savvy research and development team rise to every challenge and have developed creative network solutions to provide robust rural connectivity.

On-Farm Extension

Our first creative network solution is the Lightwire Rural Broadband On-Farm Extension. This is perfect if you require multiple properties to be connected but don’t require a second connection.

The connection between properties is wireless and works via a pair of radios. Data can be managed and shared between devices on the properties and this tech setup can be remotely accessed by Lightwire to maintain performance.

Standard installation of the Lightwire On-Farm Extension includes a WiFi-enabled router, which lives on the property that’s connected directly to the Lightwire Rural Broadband site. The additional properties will receive a single ethernet cable that plugs directly into your computer or other devices.

The On-Farm Extension works via line-of-sight between properties so your Lightwire installer will confirm exactly how your connection will work.

Long story short:
  • Connect multiple properties via one connection
  • Lightwire remote access
  • WiFi-enabled router included
  • Needs line-of-sight between properties

Coverage Extension

Next up, we’ve developed the Coverage Extension solution for properties that don’t have a good line-of-sight to a rural broadband tower on their own. To get around this, a property with a line of sight to a Lightwire Rural Broadband tower extends (or relays) the connection to the neighbouring buildings or properties by a wireless radio link.

As well, everyone on the Coverage Extension has their own data plan and WiFi-enabled router but this doesn’t mean everyone has to manage their own account. You can group all the connections onto one account if you choose.

Your Lightwire installer will confirm exactly how the Coverage Extension will work for your properties, as a good line of sight between properties is still required.

Long story short:
  • Primary property extends connection to neighbours
  • Separate routers and data plans
  • Ability to put all plans under one account
  • Needs line-of-sight between properties

We’re well known in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty for connecting communities with wireless rural broadband. Get in touch with the Lightwire team today and let’s get you connected. Call us on 0800 12 13 14 or send an email to sales@lightwire.co.nz

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