Experience Internet Throughout the Home with Lightwire’s Smart WiFi

Staying connected shouldn’t be a hassle, regardless of where you live. Amazing customer service, speed and reliability are just one of the many elements that contribute to your experience as a customer. That’s why Lightwire’s commitment to an exceptional internet experience has been the driving force behind its next venture.

Introducing Lightwire's Smart WiFi: A whole home WiFi guarantee

WiFi can be a bugger. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rural or living in the city, WiFi can only reach so far within your home. On a 5 GHz frequency band, WiFi from most routers only spans about 15 metres – and that’s if we exclude any interference, including walls and other interfering technology.


So, realistically, if you account for the 25% decrease in reach due to you living in a house that has walls (well, I hope you have walls?), you’re looking at about 11 metres. With most Lightwire customers having households over 150sqm, chucking Netflix on for the kids, working from the home office, and gaming all at once might mean that not every room is blessed with incredible WiFi coverage.


That’s why Lightwire’s latest innovation –  Smart WiFi, says goodbye to WiFi dead zones, signal drops, and frustrating connection woes. With Smart WiFi’s whole home WiFi is guaranteed, you’ll experience a consistently strong and stable connection, no matter where you are in your home – a promise Lightwire will keep.


This new solution has been tried and tested by fellow Lightwire customers over the last month, to ensure your needs will be met, and that you will have a proven increase in WiFi performance throughout the home.

Lightwire Smart WiFi units manage your Lightwire connection, automatically connecting your devices to the strongest signal as you move around your home, ensuring consistent coverage in every room.

Discover the Benefits of Smart WiFi

Here’s why whole home WiFi can transform your connectivity experience:


Seamless Coverage: The Smart WiFi units seamlessly integrate with your existing router so you don’t have to sign into another network, eliminating dead zones and extending your network’s range. Enjoy a robust signal in every room, from your cozy living room, your home office and all the way into the kids’ bedrooms.


Easy Installation: It’s as easy as pairing a speaker to your phone. With one press of a button, one of the units will automatically pair with your Lightwire router. Plus, Lightwire’s support team will help you find the ideal spots for placement to ensure optimal coverage and performance.


Cost-Effective: It’s a managed service, which means you pay nothing upfront, and if anything happens to one of the units, we’ll replace it immediately. Whole home WiFi is included when you sign up for the 12 month unlimited data plan (or for existing customers when you reterm for 12 months). Whole home WiFi can also be added onto other plans for a monthly fee.


There are unique challenges to staying connected in rural New Zealand. But your need for fast, far reaching and reliable internet is really no different from those living urban. SmartWiFi is designed to make your digital life easier and accessible from anywhere in the home.


In the following video, Logan explains how Smart WiFi changes the game for rural homes:

Don’t settle for a crappy WiFi signal in a couple of rooms in your house. Let Lightwire change the way you connect, work, and play in the beauty of rural Waikato and the Bay of Plenty.


New customers will be guaranteed whole home WiFi coverage when they sign up for a $155 p/month unlimited plan on a 12-month term. Existing customers can add a whole home Wi-Fi guarantee to their plan for $9.49 p/month, or if an existing customer re-terms for 12 months on a $155 p/month plan, they’ll be guaranteed whole home Wi-Fi coverage at no additional cost.


For more information, please visit our website at www.lightwire.co.nz/smart-wifi or reach out to our friendly team on 0800 12 13 14.


If you want to read the terms and conditions regarding Smart WiFi, go here.

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