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Whole home WiFi
Every room, every corner, covered.

In a nutshell

Whole Home WiFi Guarantee

Home WiFi Coverage

One Whole Home Network

WiFi in every room of your rural property. Enjoy uninterrupted internet when moving around your home.

Wi-Fi 6 Rural Coverage

WiFi 6

The WiFi 6 standard offers faster speeds, reduced latency, better range, and improves the battery life of devices.

Easy Pairing

Works Within Seconds

Simply press a button on the Smart WiFi unit and your Lightwire supplied router to effortlessly pair your Lightwire connection.

SmartWiFi - Providing Rural Households in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty with whole home wifi coverage, guaranteed

WiFi Coverage Guaranteed

Everyone in your family uses internet differently, but there’s one thing you can all agree on… No one needs internet deadspots at home.


Wherever you are at home, you need to be able to do your thing. And that’s where Lightwire’s Smart WiFi comes in.

How is "Smart WiFi", smart?

Creating one Whole home network

Lightwire Smart WiFi units manage your Lightwire connection, automatically connecting your devices to the strongest signal as you move around your home, ensuring consistent coverage in every room.


Enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted online experience without the hassle of dropping your connection or manually switching networks.

Whole home WiFi service details

Staying connected shouldn’t be a hassle, regardless of where you live. Not only do we guarantee coverage throughout your home, but we will also guarantee that the connection is top-notch.


Whole Home WiFi is only available for the primary dwelling, excluding detached garages, sheds and sleepouts.

Whole Home WiFi Managed Service

It's a Managed Service

Whole Home WiFi is a managed service that includes free replacement of faulty units and a guarantee for whole home wifi coverage, providing additional units at no extra cost if needed.


It's Speed Guaranteed

The service guarantees minimum download speeds (10 Mbps during peak times and 20 Mbps otherwise) throughout your home.


The Smart WiFi Unit

The Lightwire Smart WiFi unit is the magic ingredient that makes the Whole Home WiFi guarantee possible. 


Want to know the ins and outs? Reach out to our team. They’re always happy to help.

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WiFi 6

Packed with the next generation technology of wireless technology to improve speed, increase efficiency and reduce congestion in heavy bandwidth usage scenarios

One Home Network

The Smart WiFi unit manages your network automatically connecting your devices to the strongest signal, so you won't drop your connection or need to switch WiFi networks as you move around home.

Easy Pairing

Get your Smart WiFi unit working together with your Lightwire connection with just 2 button presses (one on this device and one on your router) and you're good to go!

6 Internal Antennas

Extend the range of your WiFi up to roughly 280m2, but don't worry if one Smart WiFi unit doesn't cover your whole home, we'll send another one under the whole home WiFi guarantee.

Smart WiFi means
Higher Speeds

Smart WiFi means
Lower Latency

Smart WiFi means
Less Interference

Smart WiFi means
More Bandwidth

Smart WiFi means
Longer Battery Life

Smart WiFi means
Improved Security

Smart WiFi uses WiFi 6 technology for wider channels to send data. It’s like having more space on the road so more cars can move side by side at the same time.

Smart WiFi can split each channel into smaller sub-channels. This means it can send small bits of data to many devices with less delay. It’s like having a smart traffic light that can manage lots of cars at an intersection more efficiently.

Smart WiFi can tag data with a “colour” so your devices can ignore signals that aren’t meant for them, reducing interference. It’s like if you’re talking to a friend in a busy cafe but can easily ignore all the other conversations.

Smart WiFi can communicate with more devices at once. Imagine a teacher who can talk to several students at the same time and each student hears only what’s meant for them.

Smart WiFi can tell your devices to schedule check-ins for data. This way, they can “sleep” when they don’t need to be on, saving battery. Think of it like waking up just in time to receive a package instead of staying up all night waiting for it.

Smart WiFi includes the latest WiFi 6 security protocols to keep your data safer as it zips along the highway.

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Already connected to Lightwire?

How to install

You’ll be sent the Smart WiFi unit to your home with instructions on how to set it up, don’t worry it’s real easy, even Tim’s grandma who struggles with her iPhone was able to do it 😉


New customer? The Lightwire technician will set the Smart Wi\Fi unit(s) up during the installation of your Lightwire connection.


Free *

included with the 12 month

Unlimited plan

* New customers on the 12-month unlimited plan get the Whole Home WiFi guarantee included as part of their plan.



* Existing customers can add the Whole Home WiFi guarantee for free when they re-sign on the 12 month unlimited plan via the customer portal or by giving us a call at 0800 12 13 14.

As a monthly managed service

Add-On Option

Both new and existing customers can opt to add the Whole Home WiFi guarantee to their Lightwire plans for $9.49 per month. 


Existing customers can add the Whole Home WiFi guarantee to their plan via the customer portal or by giving us a call at 0800 12 13 14.

We know you’re smart and want to know all the details. We’ve laid out exactly what’s on offer with Lightwire (and the Whole Home WiFi Guarantee) on the Offer Summary page here


The Whole Home WiFi guarantee only covers the primary dwelling. Detached buildings (such as garages, sheds, and sleepouts) or secondary dwellings are not covered under the guarantee.

How to order Lightwire

New to Lightwire? The first step is to check if you’re in coverage by searching up your address via the search bar below.


Existing customer? You can order the Whole Home WiFi guarantee via your portal.


You’ve made a great choice to live rural, make another, connect to Lightwire.


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