4×4 & LUV Safety Training

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With no road in sight, getting to a Lightwire site can be a challenge. The field team uses 4×4 Hilux utes and powerful Light Utility Vehicles (LUVs) that make getting to the hilltop sites easier, but with any equipment, it’s all about how you use it.

To prepare the field team for winter, we’ve sent them out on training with former 4 wheel drive racing champion, Gene.

This initiative is one of many that we run each year to ensure that everyone gets home safe every day. We have a unique work environment so we try to think outside the box when it comes to equipping the team with the experience and skill required to navigate the potential risks that exist in their day to day.

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Unlimited Rural Data Plan
Lars Asveld

Unlimited Plan

Great news! As of May 1st. Everyone on the 1000GB plan will move over to the unlimited plan. So if you’re on a 1000GB plan

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