A booming year in rural broadband for the region’s largest WISP

With 2019 coming to an end, Lightwire has confirmed its status as Waikato and Bay of Plenty’s largest WISP, after a booming year has seen the rural broadband company provide fast reliable broadband to more than 6,300 households throughout the regions.

Since the start of the year, Lightwire has welcomed 724 new customers and completed 1,099 new installs, increasing customer numbers to 6,300+ – a massive achievement, says Mike Cook, Head of Rural at Lightwire.

“We’re thrilled with the activity in our rural communities this year,” says Cook. “Seeing such an increase in the quality and reach of connectivity is extremely rewarding. Our field installers have visited a total of 229 sites this year, including upgrading 72 sites as part of the second phase of Crown Infrastructure Partners’ (CIP) Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI2).”

“Due to the tower upgrades this year, only 20 full sites out of 229 are still running old M5 technology, and these are scheduled for an upgrade early in 2020.”

Furthermore, all installs have been achieved without a single recorded injury for the year. Come rain or shine, the Lightwire team is out servicing its broadband tower sites, averaging 70 jobs per week, including installs, faults and upgrades.

“We’re extremely Health and Safety conscious and are proactive in identifying areas where our practices can be stepped up,” says Cook.

“Health and Safety at Lightwire is based around eight critical risks, with standard operating procedures created around these, with news ones created as needed. Risk recognition is constant.”

With only two more quarters to go in the second phase of the Crown Infrastructure Partners (CIP) Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI2), Lightwire has exceeded its commitments for 2019 and is looking forward to increasing rural connectivity in 2020.

Fast facts

  • 6300+ customers
  • 724 new customers since January 2019
  • 1099 new installs completed in 2019
  • 70 average jobs per week for field installers
  • 3,610 work hours
  • 72 RBI2 site upgrades completed
  • 229 total sites visited
  • 20 full sites on old M5 technology
  • Zero recordable injuries

Want to be one of the thousands throughout Waikato and Bay of Plenty to get fast, reliable rural broadband in 2020? Click here to see if you’re in coverage.

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