Dish Extension

We have been working hard to streamline our non-standard rural installs options, with WAN extensions recently changed and our In-Boundary Repeater now given the treatment. The aim is to make the costs and process as easy to understand as possible where installs are a little outside the norm.

Lightwire works harder to get you connected

Fixed wireless connections rely on direct line of sight between your house and our high sites to get you connected.


If line of sight doesn’t exist between your house and our high site, but it does exist on another point on your property, we can set up a dish on a pole to get you online. The pole can be erected up to 70 metres away from your house.

How does it work?

We establish a pole, mount a dish on it, and get it connecting to our high site. The dish will be powered via ethernet, which will run back to the house in a trench that you organise for us.

Post and Trench Diagram

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