Lightwire’s smarter rural broadband infrastructure

Lightwire is building smarter broadband infrastructure for the Waikato and Bay of Plenty so rural folk can enjoy great internet speeds and reliability.

This year, the Lightwire Rural Team has focused on creating a custom-built operating system, upgrading the network to Ubiquiti® AC hardware and optimising radio spectrum using GPS synchronisation.

Nadris centralised router

The operating system powering Lightwire’s 200+ Lightwire broadband sites (towers) across the Waikato and Bay of Plenty is being remotely upgraded to a new custom-built, centralised router “Nadris”.

Nadris will empower Lightwire engineers to manage the rural network to an even higher standard by enabling increased visibility into the network, custom routing, and new network abilities.

Remotely upgrading the core operating system to Nadris is just one example of how Lightwire infrastructure is getting smarter.

Ubiquiti® AC upgrades

Lightwire is also upgrading both the firmware and hardware installed across the network. This is part of a long-term project announced in October 2017 (read more) and is part of Lightwire’s commitment to ensuring great internet connectivity for customers.

The new Ubiquiti® AC series technology installed across the network so far has been successful in significantly increasing bandwidth and service reliability. Customers identified as having older equipment are being upgraded to this new technology for free – much to their delight!

GPS Sync

Another project the Lightwire Rural Team is working on to improve the network is making use of GPS synchronisation. For airspaces crowded with wireless interference from other sources, GPS synchronisation of Lightwire broadband technology enables the radios in point-to-point links to identify and synchronise on available radio spectrum.

Lightwire’s GPS synchronisation trial in Manawahae is proving to significantly increase connection quality from the broadband tower to the customer’s radio on their roof. It will be enabled in other busy airspaces.

Nadris, Ubiquiti® AC technology and GPS sync are just three ways Lightwire’s Rural Team is working to improve the network. We are also continuously improving site backhaul and redundancy and monitoring the network for necessary improvements.

Lightwire is proud to be recognised as a pioneer of smart broadband innovation in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty. It’s all part of our purpose and commitment to help our communities get connected.

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