Meet the (helpdesk) team

One thing they don’t teach when working with customers is just how much you get to know your customers. 

But you might wonder about the Lighwire Team and who we are, so we thought it was about time you got to know us a little bit more. 

Our support team has grown to 10 people, and while they are all located in the Waikato region they have come from far and wide, places such as Auckland, Taumaranui, and Te Aroha, and even as far as ol’ London Town! Within the team we have two branches – Sales and Support (we call the latter Assurance Specialists). 

Cody and Josh head up our sales team and while these two work great together they couldn’t be more different.

Meet Cody (Rural Sales)

Outside of work Cody is all about that family life and spends time with her partner, her 3 cats, and her dog Stevie who is the centre of their world. Growing up in Morrinsville and her previous experience within the farming industry she understands the rural community. While she has only been here for a year, she has really made a positive impact for our customers and goes above and beyond with every interaction.

Meet Josh (Rural Sales)

Josh has been with Lightwire for 5 years now and he started off dealing with both support and sales queries, but it became apparent he really shined when dealing with customers so having him move to our sales team made perfect sense and we haven’t looked back since! Josh is a fountain of random knowledge; you never know what fact he will come out with. Originally from the UK, Josh spent a few years in Germany before moving to NZ with his family. He enjoys gaming, Dr. Who, and trying to convince us that carrot sticks in tomato sauce is an acceptable snack!

Moving on to our support team you will find our Assurance Specialists Jordan, Callum, Ryan, and our recent new addition Sam. 

Meet Jordan (Assurance Specialist)

Jordan’s passion is music and plays in an alt-rock band in Hamilton but don’t let the beard and flannel fool you, this guy also repairs and builds computers in his spare time and has a beautiful fluffy cat named Milly. If you ask him what makes Lightwire better than others it’s our level of service and the fact that we make it as easy as possible for customers to reach out if they have any questions.

Meet Callum (Assurance Specialist)

Next in the bunch is Callum who while he has only been here 6 months and identifies himself as a typical nerd – video games, programming, and martial arts are all up his alley. Callum has recently become a cat dad to a gorgeous rescue cat named Klaus who has wasted no time in making it his home! What sets Callum apart is his patience and logical mind. An interaction that resonated with him is when an older gentleman called in needing help getting a device connected to his Wi-Fi. He was very appreciative that Callum took the time to explain the steps clearly and in a simple to understand way.

Meet Ryan (Assurance Specialist)

A Hamilton local, Ryan recently joined the team after completing a Bachelor of Science with a Major in Computer Science. In his own time, he is learning to play guitar, and reading Fevre Dream. He really is a surprising one! He is early into his Lightwire career but has quickly found his place in the team and is making an impact with our customers. If you ask him what sets Lightwire apart from the others is our superior infrastructure and that we genuinely want the best for our customers.

Meet Sam (Assurance Specialist)

Sam is the most recent addition and has only been part of the team for a few weeks. Sam is another one who came to us from England and has done quite a bit of traveling and has even technically visited Belgium and Canada on the same day.  He is a bit of an all-rounder with a vast interest in all things IT. We are excited to see Sam grow in this role, he is already showing he is a go-getter and trying to learn as much as he can.

Our next rung on the Support Ladder is our Senior Assurance Specialists, Trent, Tim, and Jason.

Meet Trent (Senior Assurance Specialist)

Trent hails from Te Aroha and also completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. An avid outdoors person he can be found trekking up Te Aroha Mountain with his beautiful black lab Nyx or making his way down Mt Ruapehu during the ski season. Trent finds it easy to connect with people and is not afraid to jump in and explore new options. He enjoys the wide variety of networking aspects and is continuing to learn and upskill in this area.

Meet Tim (Senior Assurance Specialist)

Next up is Tim who has been part of the Lightwire Team for a year and a half now. He previously worked in sales and since joining the team here he has been able to put his Sales and IT interests together and become an unstoppable force. While studying Network Engineering and looking at getting his motorcycle license he still manages to provide our customers with friendly and helpful support.  A highlight for him is when he had a conversation with a customer who was 60+ years old and due to a new tower of ours going live in her area she was able to have an internet connection for the first time so she could catch up with her family overseas.

Meet Jason (Senior Assurance Specialist)

Rounding off our Seniors is Jason who started off as a part-timer before joining the team full time. He has an incredibly creative mind, and with his talent for programming, he is always looking and what can be better. Something we think is awesome about Jason is that he is a nationally ranked snooker player and something Jason thinks is awesome is our customers for choosing Lightwire as their ISP! It can sometimes be hard to take the leap of faith with a new provider but with our rural network infrastructure, customers are very happy with their connection when joining Lightwire.

Meet Sheree (Network Operations Centre Team Lead)

And then there’s me. I’m Sheree and I am the NOC Team Lead.  I have lived in the Waikato for the past 13 years and currently reside in Moo Town Morrinsville. Working at Lightwire allows me to use my previous customer experience and management skills to be part of something great.  Outside of work I am a sucker for all things brunch and checking out the local art galleries.

So there you have it – An incredible team to help you, our incredible customers.  
PS – We continue to grow and are on the lookout for new additions to the team. If you want to be part of the solution, check out our current job listings here.

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