Price drop for unlimited

From October 1st 2021 we are dropping the price of our unlimited plan from $185 p/month to $155 p/month.


We are also retiring our 600GB plan and moving all customers on that plan to unlimited plans as of October 1st.


Any 600GB plan customers still in contract will continue to be charged $145 p/month until their term expires.


When the contract term expires for those customers, they will stay on the unlimited plan and their monthly charge will become $155. Or, if you find yourself in that position, you can choose to move to the 300GB or 150GB plans (this can be done through your customer portal).

Wrapping up

This means that our complete set of plans as of October 1st will be:

These changes mark the completion of a review of our rural residential products and pricing that has been in play for a number of months. We hope that the release of an unlimited plan, the drop in top plan pricing, and continued speed increases across the network will allow your household to do more from here.

Brendan Ritchie

Chief Revenue Officer – Lightwire

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