Success stories: Tyla got 6 months off her bill

During the month of January, Lightwire offered a whopping three months off your bill for referring a friend. One customer, Tyla, had two of her family/friends jump on board with us which earned her a total of six months off her bill!

We know referring has a time and place (I mean, not all your mates live rurally), but we wanted to find out how and why Tyla refers Lightwire to her peers:


Lightwire: “How often do conversations arise about internet options with friends and family?”


Tyla: “The first referral is a work colleague of mine and we need a static IP address to access our remote desktop to be able to work from home.  I told him how great you guys were at setting it up for me, so that sold him.  The second referral is my in-laws and they have been having issues with their internet connection with another provider.  I suggested Lightwire as it’s designed for rural areas.  I went over your packages etc and they were happy.”


Lightwire:“Was it easy to explain how our referral program works?”


Tyla: “Yes.  Although I didn’t know they had a free month also.  They were happy when I told them they had their first month free. They both said they are off to a great start with Lightwire :).”

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