Supporting our community

We’re big believers in the power of rural communities and we’re supporting them with fast, reliable internet and secure IT services to local businesses, organisations and charities.

Why support community?

At Lightwire, we believe you need to walk your talk. Supporting our local communities is our talk, and our walk!

Founding director of Thankyou, Daniel Flynn, says to use what’s in your hand to help. In our hand is excellent internet and IT services. So we’re supporting local businesses, and community groups with fast, reliable internet and comprehensive, secure IT services.

Air Training Corps

As part of the New Zealand Cadet Forces, the No. 7 (City of Hamilton) Squadron is the aviation arm training youth to be better leaders and citizens. Rural communities have a long history with New Zealand’s forces and we’re proud to support an organisation bringing a great future to young people.

The Air Training Corps mission is “To develop confident, responsible young citizens who are valued within their community by providing them, within a military framework, safe, enjoyable and challenging opportunities.”

Take the time to find out how the Air Training Corps is changing our communities.

Hamilton Budgeting Advisory Trust

Established over 20 years ago to help Hamiltonians manage their finances, Hamilton Budgeting Advisory Trust is there for our rural communities, also stepping in when our community members are experiencing financial stress.

If you’re in need of free and confidential financial mentoring and education, don’t hesitate to connect with Hamilton Budgeting Advisory Trust.

Te Whakaruruhau Inc. Waikato Women’s Refuge

Waikato Women’s Refuge is a pillar of local community, supporting women and children escaping domestic violence. It is the community’s responsibility to keep people safe and we take our sponsorship of this important organisation seriously.

We are proud to work with Te Whakaruruhau Inc to keep our wahine and tamariki safe.

Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter

While living in rural Waikato and the Bay of Plenty is an absolute paradise, it can become a problem if you’re in need of immediate medical assistance.

At Lightwire, we are proud to keep the IT operations of the Rescue Helicopter running smoothly.

Thanks to the brave people at Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter!

The Waikato and Bay of Plenty is a big space and there are many hands supporting our rural communities. At Lightwire, we feel honoured to be able to do our part and align with these pillars in our communities.

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