The magic of restarting your equipment

Picture this. You’re online watching a Trade Me auction. It has 10 mins untill it closes and you are in a bidding war with one other person when suddenly, your internet connection drops. Is there anything more frustrating?


Panic starts to creep in, and you have a flight or fight moment. 8 minutes to go…


But because you’re a Kiwi you go with fight! You contact Lightwire as you know they will answer within 2 mins. You get through and one of the team asks if you have tried restarting. You say no but give it a go and it works! You say thank you and end the call.


4 mins to go till the auction closes and you are back online and win the auction with time to spare.


(Okay, so there are more frustrating scenarios out there but when you are in a bidding war, nothing else matters. )


You sit back and think back on your call with Lightwire – why did that simple trick work?


Restarting your equipment will not always solve the problem but it’s a great place to start.

All homes connected to Lightwire have 3 key pieces of equipment.

The Dish (CPE)

CPE - The Dish

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

PoE Injector

The Router


All 3 pieces of equipment need to be on and working for us to deliver you an internet connection.


Due to the unique nature of Lightwire’s Rural Network, we have our own software installed onto our equipment, giving us full insights into what you as a customer are experiencing. It’s another way that we ensure our customers do not go without.

What does a restart do?

To keep it simple – It restarts the software from its current state and allows it to start working again. More than likely, if your device is playing up it’s because of the software. The device will have processes working in the background and if they get stuck, it can cause the software to sometimes freeze.


While sometimes a simple restart will do the trick, there are times when we may need to do a bit more investigating. If you have restarted the POE and the router but the issue is still there, call our Assurance Specialists who will be happy to help you out and get you back online.


If you are finding that you are needing to restart your equipment frequently that is an indication that something isn’t working as it should so you should give us a call.

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