Unlimited Plan

Great news!

As of May 1st. Everyone on the 1000GB plan will move over to the unlimited plan. So if you’re on a 1000GB plan you can say goodbye to data caps or over-usage charges.

Here are some answers to a couple of questions we imagine you will have…

Is this permanent?

Yep. From the 1st of May, the 1000GB/Unlimited plan have no data caps.

Is there a cost difference?

Nope. No price increase, just unlimited data for the same price as the 1000GB plan ($185/month).

Any speed limits?

No. No speed throttling after a certain point or anything like that, just genuine unlimited data.

Fair use policy?

We have got some T’s and C’s that you can find here, but as long as you are not impacting other customers with excessive usage you will be fine.

Want to make the switch to the Unlimited plan?

Log in to your customer portal here and change your plan to the Unlimited plan.

Other questions?

Please just reach out to us via sales@lightwire.co.nz and we will happy to talk through any other questions you have.

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