Why you should choose VoIP with your rural broadband plan

Let’s face it, landline phones are a little out of vogue with city folk these days. But us rural folk still require a dedicated phone line for our home and businesses. For many of us it’s a lifeline and, in some instances, it can be a life saver!

That doesn’t mean we have to go without the bells and whistles though. As a rural broadband customer, you can get a Voice over Internet Provider (VoIP) service in lieu of the traditional phone line. This enables you to bundle your rural phone and broadband plans for a cost-effective, reliable, flexible and simple solution.

What is VoIP?

The Voice over Internet Provider (VoIP) service transmits your phone call as data over the internet, instead of using a physical phone line.

A few years ago, we developed an inhouse VoIP service to handle the Lightwire HQ phone system. Then we figured our customers would probably appreciate having access to it as well. So guess what? We started offering it to our customers too.

Nowadays, we’re can supply you with a phone number out of our pool of available numbers or, in some instances, switch over your existing number (called ‘porting’) from your previous company.

Why use VoIP?

VoIP is touted as the way of the future, with the main advantages being cost, reliability, flexibility and simplicity.

We’re can provide VoIP at a much cheaper rate than a traditional phone line as there are no expensive copper lines involved. When it’s attached to your rural broadband plan, it’s also a lot simpler as you only have one bill to deal with.

You know that static you often get on a rural phone line? Or that annoying ticking noise as the line runs under someone’s electric fence? Not to mention losing the phone line completely during torrential downpours when the phone cables lose their seal in the wet. People who have made the switch to VoIP have told us their calls are clearer than they’ve ever been!

VoIP also gives you an extra degree of flexibility because you can take your number with you when you move. With traditional phone lines, the number is locked to a telephone exchange, so moving from one area to another can mean changing your number. VoIP numbers can move with you, even across calling areas.

Lightwire Voice

Lightwire Voice is our VoIP offering and there are currently about 2000 Lightwire customers using our VoIP phone line service with their rural broadband plan. With a declining requirement for dedicated phone lines and the expense that comes with these traditional options, Lightwire Voice is only $19.95 extra on your rural broadband plan for unlimited calling to New Zealand AND Australian landlines or mobiles. What’s more, because we’re already on site installing your internet, it’s simple for us to add the VoIP service with minimal extra work or equipment.

We configure your internet router with your VoIP phone number. All you need to do is plug a standard analogue telephone handset (one that would work in most homes already) into one or both of the phone plugs at the back of your modem.

And unlike other providers, all Lightwire Voice customers get features like Call Display, Voicemail, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding at no extra cost.

Things to remember

VoIP still requires power and internet to work so we don’t recommend you rely on it for medical or potential business requirements. To make sure VoIP is right for you, we’ll set up with a free trial before you commit, and we’ll waive the charge during your trial period.

Give the helpdesk a call at 0800 12 13 14 or email them at sales@lightwire.co.nz today to set up your VoIP trial.

Learn more about the Rural phone line here.

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