Data usage – how to increase your plan

The summer break is almost a distant memory now, but we do remember the sheer amount of data that was used over the Christmas and New Year period. Just ask our Help Desk team who, over the two weeks, received a huge number of calls for help when customer data ran low. Given this, and because no one likes to be stuck on the phone to their internet company (even if our team makes it a pleasure!), we thought we’d introduce you to a quick and easy way to do it yourself! No archaic phone calls, repetitive hold music, or account confirmation required.

It’s that easy!

Quick, easy and online

So, what do you do when you receive a warning that your data plan is about to exceed its limit? Well, we’re glad you asked! Here, you can follow our step-by-step instructions to update your account.

Step 1.

Head to the Lightwire website and click on ‘MY ACCOUNT’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Your Lightwire account gives you access to your very own online portal, providing a gateway to everything you need to know about your rural wireless internet.

Step 2.

You’ll be taken to your account’s login page. Here, enter the email address the account is associated with, and your password. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can simply click ‘Reset your password’ to have this sent through to the verified email account.

Step 3.

Scroll down to the bottom right-hand corner, to click on Upgrade Your Plane, beneath the giant orange ‘Need more data?’.

Step 4.

You’ll be asked to confirm that you would like to change your current plan, with an option to view the available plans to upgrade to. Click on ‘View plans’. Here, it will show what your current plan is and how much you are charged monthly.

Step 5.

Use the drop-down menu to see the available options to upgrade your plan to, the cost and the how much data it allows per month.

Step 6.

Check the tick box, highlighting you understand the terms and agree to change your plan. Then you will need to click on the orange button to confirm you will be changing your plan.

A pop out will appear to triple check (we’re good like that!) you are sure this is what you would like to do. Click ‘Yes, change plan’ and you’re all done.

What we can do to help

Altogether, the process should take you less than five minutes. Or, if this isn’t your first rodeo (like in our speedy tutorial below) you can get it down to a fine art 😉

If you’re still unable to find what plan is best for you, make sure you touch base with our Customer Care team. They love chatting to our customers about how they can make the most of their data.

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