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Proud supporter of local community groups

The recent installation of Fibre to our hangar has significantly enhanced two of our rescue helicopter’s operational protocols – response time and safety. We work in an environment where the difference of time can literally mean life and death. Our new UFB connection now enables the pilots to receive almost instant flight and weather information before they go flying, which improves their time in responding to accidents and enhances flight safety because more information is at hand sooner. We place enormous value on Lightwire providing the installation for free and for continuing to supply the service at no cost. Waikato Rescue Helicopter

Why Lightwire

Lightwire was born out of a University of Waikato project in 2006. From small beginnings and a focus on providing rural internet services, Lightwire has grown to provide complex network, data, and internet solutions Waikato wide. Our engineering and development capabilities allow us to deliver smart network and infrastructure services, making us more than just an Internet Service Provider. Our team of talented engineers are trusted to operate some of Waikato’s most complex networks and infrastructure. We have stayed local with our operations led from Hamilton, New Zealand.

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Our local customer care team is based in Hamilton, New Zealand and is staffed with friendly, knowledgable people who are dedicated to providing the best internet experience possible. Our customer care team is available by email at or by phone on :

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