Get Connected With Fast, Reliable, Rural Broadband

Looking for fast, reliable, rural broadband at your place? Lightwire is here! We’re the only broadband provider dedicated to servicing rural communities across the Waikato and Bay of Plenty. Our Hamilton-based team turns research and development into smart, wireless broadband solutions for rural people – just like you! Whether you need internet for monitoring milk production, sending emails, or streaming movies, we’ll keep you connected.

Want an idea of service speed? The average residential download speed test result in 2020 is 22.5Mbps

Rural broadband prices

We’ve invested heavily in our unique wireless technology to ensure we deliver the best rural broadband price for you.
Rural broadband shouldn’t cost the earth. We’ve employed savvy wireless technology, so we can deliver the best rural broadband prices.

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Frequently asked questions about rural broadband

  • Can I get Lightwire service at my rural property?

    That’s our aim! Lightwire is totally focused on providing a rural broadband network for Waikato and Bay of Plenty rural communities. We’re always adding new coverage towers and hilltop sites to give locals a better connection. Check our coverage map or call our local team on 0800 12 13 14 to discuss your options.

  • What plan is best for me?

    How much data you need depends on how you use your broadband. For instance, if you’re just looking to browse the internet and check emails, then 150GB should be enough. However, if you’re an online gamer, 1000GB would be better. Most people go for our 300GB plan, and if they find they need more (or less) data, we just adjust their plan. Easy peasy!

  • What’s involved with installation?

    One of our technicians will come to your place to get you connected. They’ll mount a small wireless receiver on your roof which transmits back to the main repeater site –usually located on top of a nearby hill. We’ll even make sure your computer, laptop and phone are connected to your wireless broadband while we’re there.

  • Why can’t I have a fixed line/ADSL connection?

    Fixed line or ADSL uses existing telephone networks to deliver broadband. ADSL also only works close to an ADSL exchange, which mean it’s not available to many awesome rural Waikato and Bay of Plenty communities.

“Having fast and reliable internet on our farm was a must. Lightwire was the only provider who could connect our Scotsman Valley property. With no cell phone coverage at our house, we can use Wi-Fi to access all our apps, plus the kids can stream Paw Patrol. Really, it’s a win-win!”
- Ryan Bourke, Scotsman Valley Road, Tauwhare, Waikato.
- Ryan Bourke, Scotsman Valley Road, Tauwhare, Waikato.

Connecting your cowshed with rural broadband

No matter whether your rural broadband needs to connect to your cowshed, or to multiple dwellings on your property, our clever team will figure out the right solution for you.
Our toolkit is huge when it comes to connecting you where you need it. Our on-farm extensions and coverage extensions will bounce your internet connection to other locations on your property, or to neighbouring houses. In some situations, connecting multiple properties can be done via a solar extension.

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How does Lightwire rural broadband work?

We install a small wireless receiver on the roof of your house, which transmits back to the main repeater site – usually located on top of a nearby hill (which is why we need a line of sight from your property to the repeater site).

Our world-class wireless technology came out of a University of Waikato project back in 2006, known back then as No 8 Wireless. Dr Murray Pearson was having trouble getting a reliable broadband connection to his rural property in Ngahinapouri, Waikato. So, rather than searching for a better provider, he just created one. How’s that for doing it yourself!

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“Due to our location, no other provider could connect us. Our connection enables us faster, more efficient internet service – great for regular Skype contact with friends and family.”
- Sue and Dez Newland, Te Pahu
- Sue and Dez Newland, Te Pahu
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