Lightwire bringing first-time broadband to the most rural homes across Waikato and BOP

After successfully completing the second phase of the government’s Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI2) in June, Lightwire’s success has been rewarded with an extension to the RBI2 project.

Lightwire are excited to continue as an official rural broadband partner of Crown Infrastructure Partners (CIP), the government agency running the RBI2 project.

The extension will see the Hamilton-based company provide wireless broadband to an additional 287 remote households, which are some of the hardest to reach in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions.  This will be the first time these households will have access to wireless broadband.

The goal of the RBI2 project is to provide broadband to 99.8% of all New Zealanders, and as the 2021 project end date draws closer, the target too, gets nearer and nearer.

Over 84,000 rural households and businesses have now received broadband from different partners around the country – and it hasn’t just supported the growth of rural communities, it has helped give nationwide wireless providers the resources to enhance their own business models.

RBI2 has helped Lightwire bring its total network to more than 7,000 customers across rural Waikato and BOP. In turn, it’s expanded the company’s coverage areas, improving their customer service capacity, and assisting the growth of their innovative wireless technology.

Mike Cook, Head of Rural at Lightwire, has said that projects like RBI2 have been important to the development and long-term focus of the company.

“What’s extremely exciting for the team at Lightwire is our team’s continuous improvement – particularly looking at our internal engineers’ processes and how we can build more efficiently and in a timely fashion.”

“We are unique where we can react quickly make quick decisions and like other WISPS can get stuff done… We’re looking at new technology that’s future-proofed, for the continued demand that our range of customers require of our services.”

Cook also says the improvement of their wireless technology is necessary to support a growing number of Kiwi households and businesses in our ‘new normal’.

“We’re seeing more and more customers working remotely, and we want to make sure we have everyone’s needs met.”

To see if you’re currently in Lightwire’s coverage area – or if you will be in the future – you can get in touch with their local Customer Care team by calling them on 0800 12 13 14.

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