Happy customers as Lightwire exceeds RBI2 schedule

As demand grows for reliable broadband in the rural sector, we are happy to announce the recent completion of the Rural Broadband Initiative Phase Two (RBI2) second quarter schedule. With this, we are tracking ahead of requirements set by Crown Infrastructure Partners’ (CIP).

The RBI2 schedule will take us into Q2 2020, working on nearly 100 tower sites across our network. We are also taking this opportunity to update our radio technology and adding an additional battery, turbines and solar to increase our battery backup throughout the winter season.

Our customers are reporting great and immediate improvements across the network and our team is looking forward to the busy year of upgrades ahead.  

“We continue to meet amazing people who we connect and have amazing stories to share about how our great local service is helping them achieve their goals in business, family, school and communications,” says Head of Rural Mike Cook. 

“From the helpdesk to the engineers, we have a real passion for enabling better connection in rural communities.”

We are committed to growing and extending our footprint into rural areas that have previously struggled with reliable connectivity. The team is continuing to push development and futureproofing of the network, in order to service the growing need for rural businesses to stay connected and operate to a high standard.

The RBI2 will take coverage to 99.8% of New Zealand’s population, bringing innumerable benefits to our rural communities.

Implementation of the initiative will aim to enhance broadband coverage in Waikato and Bay of Plenty to an extra 1,990 households and businesses, as well as 20 marae. Seventy-four kilometres of state highways and three tourism sites will receive new cellular mobile coverage, with a total of $25 million committed to funding the project.

We are more than ready to meet the challenge. As New Zealand’s biggest wireless internet service provider, our team is dedicated to bringing fast, reliable rural broadband to families, schools and businesses across the Waikato and Bay of Plenty.

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