June moving to remain contactless through COVID-19 alert levels

After four weeks in Alert Level 4, New Zealand has been given an end date (or a level change date) of 11:59 pm Monday 27 April. At that time, we’ll be moving to Alert Level 3.


With June moving on the horizon, we’re committed to transitioning through this time as safely as possible.


As an essential service provider, we’ve been taking our Health and Safety very seriously the last few weeks and we want our customers to know that this level of care for both our field technicians and our communities will not change.


Contactless installs – part one

For those of you who have been connected during the lockdown, you’ll have seen how our contactless installations work first-hand. By following this process, we can ensure no transmissions of anything but data takes place:


  1. Effective questioning – when you are contacted to schedule an installation time, our field technicians will establish the health of anyone at the property:
  • Is anyone self-isolating?
  • What contacts have they had?
  • Are they elderly?


This allows us to either defer installation in situations where COVID-19 is present, or move forward with scheduling the first part of the installation.


  1. At no point do our field technicians enter a house:
  • The CPE and cable are installed and fed through a window
  • The router is connected and tested by the technician in their vehicle
  • The router will be left in a safe place, along with the setup guide and helpful information card
  • Once a device has been supplied, the technician won’t accept anything back


Contactless installs – part two

Our field technicians love what they do and a follow-up at the three-week point allows them to ensure you’re loving your Lightwire (or fix anything that may have gone wrong!).


If your installation was postponed due to a positive case of COVID-19 at the property, we will establish whether there have been any changes health-wise. The customer must be symptom-free for at least seven days before the technician will return to the property.


Depending on answers we receive, the technician will schedule a return visit to complete the install.


Field technician processes for your health and safety


The following is a glimpse at the processes our field techs adhere to when travelling to and from jobs, so you can be confident we’re minimising every risk.


  • Zero direct contact
  • Zero home entries
  • Documenting names of all people on the property for contact tracing purposes
  • Communication with customers is via phone while onsite
  • Hand sanitisation prior to leaving the vehicle, handling hardware, re-entering the vehicle
  • Routers are left in a safe place, along with a disinfectant wipe, for customers to retrieve


Reconnecting properties where Lightwire is already installed

Congratulations! If you’ve moved into a property where Lightwire is already installed, this part is easy. As long as you’ve registered your move with us, we can and will provide a contactless reconnection. A simple account setup and reconfiguration of the existing router at the property, and you’ll be setup with reliable, rural broadband. Phew! One less thing to worry about.


We’re proud to be able to continue to service our rural communities with reliable rural broadband throughout the COVID-19 Alert Levels. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly helpdesk on 0800 12 13 14 or support@lightwire.co.nz

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