Rural communities expect same broadband coverage and reliability as urbanites

Rural communities expect reliable broadband coverage to their homes and businesses, and seek out internet service providers, like Lightwire, which can provide that connectivity.

Results from Lightwire’s recent customer survey show that almost 50% of respondents chose Lightwire because of its ability to connect them when others couldn’t.

The survey also showed that people living in rural communities use the internet in the same way as people living in urban areas.

“App calling, TV and movie streaming, emails, social media, and online shopping… These were the top activities people told us they use their Lightwire connection for,” says Mike.

More than 90% of survey respondents told us they use mobile phones to access the internet, which reflects a growing trend around the world towards mobile connectivity.

“Ninety-three percent of respondents said they use their mobile phones to access broadband, with 80% using a laptop computer. The humble desktop computer is used by just under half of respondents,” says Mike.

The survey also showed that the household broadband connection can be in hot demand, with 45% of respondents saying they have three to five people using their connection on an average day.

Mike says one of the most pleasing results from the survey is that most survey respondents rated themselves very likely to recommend Lightwire to a friend or colleague.

“We were excited to see that 65% of respondents rated themselves as very likely (9/10), when asked how likely they were to recommend Lightwire to a mate or workmate,” says Mike.

“These results give us confirmation that we are indeed heading in the right direction, adding site towers to increase coverage, upgrading existing towers for better connection, and going out of our way to connect more-difficult properties.

“We’ve also recently increased data caps to more-accurately reflect data usage in terms of online streaming.”

For more information about how Lightwire can get you connected, please contact the helpdesk on 0800 12 13 14 or visit to check your coverage.

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