Rural broadband that won’t break the piggy bank

Waikato and Bay of Plenty rural folk can now get internet like the townies in three easy steps.
Rural internet with Lightwire

Would you like to add a phoneline for $10/month?


Router included


Free install on a 12 month contract


$10 phone line


Local helpdesk and field techs

Get connected with fast, reliable rural internet

Lightwire Rural Wireless Internet

Lightwire Rural Internet is a fixed wireless solution where we connect you to fast, reliable internet by installing a small wireless receiver on the roof of your property.

Our fixed wireless internet is built to last. We own and operate our internet infrastructure, comprising more than 200 internet sites across the Waikato and Bay of Plenty.

We leverage world-class telecommunication hardware and firmware, and our team of Network Engineers are continuously monitoring and optimising the network, so you can have fast, reliable internet.

Read the full Lightwire Rural Internet Offer Summary here.

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