Lightwire’s Solar Extension Solution

The bright sparks at Lightwire have harnessed the power of the sun and are busy installing Solar Extension sites to keep rural communities connected where nothing else will.

Here’s where our research and development team really comes into its own. A Lightwire Rural Broadband Solar Extension provides an internet connection to your property from anywhere on your land that has a good line of sight to a Lightwire Rural Broadband tower.

Why choose a Solar Extension?

Lightwire Solar Extension sites are discreet, power-saving and flexible. Where line of sight permits, the solar site can extend a connection to your home, the cowshed and the sharemilker’s house. And once it’s installed, you own it. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to operate it!

Solar Extension components

Your Solar Extension comes with solar panels, batteries to store power, a CPE to connect to the Lightwire Rural Broadband tower and a pair of radios to connect the solar site to your property. Each property has its own Lightwire Rural Broadband data plan and WiFi router.

Long story short:
  • Solar Extension site provides flexibility
  • Extends connection between properties
  • You own the site and are provided with all technical requirements
  • Separate data plans and routers per property

We’re well known in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty for connecting communities with wireless rural broadband. Get in touch with the Lightwire team today and let’s get you connected. Call us on 0800 12 13 14 or email us at

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