Fixed Price Guarantee

Inflation is going up. You will have felt it in your day to day, whether it is petrol or the cost of your weekly visit to the supermarket, it feels like the price of everything is increasing.


A quality internet connection isn’t an optional spend when you live rurally, so we are doing our best to provide you with a bit of certainty when you are looking at your household budget.


We want to do our bit to help out, so here is our promise…


The price of our plans won’t increase for the duration of your contract term.


This means that you can rest easy knowing that we won’t be changing the price of the currently available plans for the duration of your contract term.


We will take another look at how much it costs us to deliver services across our network in May 2023, but even then, we are committed to doing all we can to keep our prices as steady as possible.


We are a business, we need to make a profit to reinvest in our people and our network, but we also need to look after our customers and our community, so our fixed price guarantee is aimed at finding the right middle ground. We will have the money to continue building an even better experience for you, while you will have one less variable to worry about. 


Thanks for being a customer of ours, and as always, if you have any questions, please just let our team know.

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