Lightwire helping connect Arapuni

Have you heard about the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI)? You may have read about it in the news or had a chat to one of your neighbours about it – but we wanted to make sure you have all the details on the project.

The RBI is being run by the Crown Infrastructure Partners (CIP) to provide rural broadband access to 90,000 rural households and businesses around the country that don’t currently have access to ‘good internet’.

Working with the CIP, we’ve helped create thousands of new broadband connections for rural communities across Waikato and Bay of Plenty.

What does this mean for you and yours? We’ve put together answers to six of the most common questions we’ve been asked recently by the local community in Arapuni.

Who is Lightwire and how long have you been in Arapuni?

We’re a Waikato-based business, providing fast and reliable rural broadband to communities across rural Waikato and Bay of Plenty.

We’ve been operating in Arapuni since 2010 and know the local area like the back of our hand.

What role does Te Waotu School play in keeping Lightwire’s customers connected?

Te Waotu School helps extend our network of fast, reliable broadband, to cover to the wider Arapuni community. We’re proud to support the school by helping them set up and promote their Ag Days, Galas, and other events.

Is Arapuni included in the Rural Broadband Initiative?

Yes – we’ve helped connect a significant number of the local community.

I like to speak to someone on the phone, where is your helpdesk located?

Our local helpdesk is in Hamilton, but our team of field technicians are always on the move, visiting our rural communities across the Waikato and BOP. They’re in the Arapuni area every week, making sure our sites are running smoothly and our local customers are happy!

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