Unlimited off-peak data with your rural broadband

How much data is too much data? Trick question – we all know you can never have enough. To give our awesome rural customers more flexibility and capacity when it comes to data, we’re rolling out unlimited off-peak data across our 750GB rural broadband plan from 1 November.


Why use unlimited off-peak to spread out usage

Not surprisingly, the evening hours are the heaviest on data usage, when everyone is inside, fed and ready to relax with data-heavy services like Spotify, YouTube and Netflix. This is where users run into problems as, with any broadband service, the number of airwaves is finite, and the number of devices being used keeps growing.

By offering unlimited off-peak data with our 750GB rural broadband plan, we’re looking to ease the strain on our networks by giving customers an alternative time to chew up data.


How can I use unlimited off-peak data?

Off-peak means from 12am until 6am. So, from midnight until 6am you will have unlimited data available on your 750GB plan.

We realise this is late at night, but it is a great time to run software updates or download movies, without impacting on your normal usage allowance.


How do I get unlimited off-peak data

All existing and new Lightwire customers on our 750GB plan automatically get unlimited off-peak data. It’s that simple.

Think you may like unlimited off-peak data too? Then maybe it’s time to upgrade your plan. Log into your account through our customer portal or call our local helpdesk team on 0800 12 13 14.